Chinese Listening & The Importance of Self Education

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Episode #339
How the educational system actually deters entrepreneurial progress
The reason self-education and reading develop more curiosity and more success
Three fundamental principles that determine you and your organization’s value and progress in the marketplace
How to transform your organization into a school that teaches you new skills and capabilities forever (and attracts star team members)

Chinese Listening & PLAN – The E.L.F. Marketing Plan

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Episode #342
An Easy, Lucrative and Fun Way To Simplify All Your Marketing and Money Making Activities
How to properly plan out your Before, During and After business units so you constantly and consistently increase your revenue
The first, easiest step you can take to create an immediate profit windfall in your business

Chinese Listening & Maximize The Value of Digital Analytics


Episode #344
How to measure your marketing, get even better results and influence your customers to buy more
The #1 way to understand what is going on in the mind of your customer: N _ _ _ _ _ _ _ e ! (PLUS: A 3-step method for delivering exactly what your customer wants…)
3 simple ways to use data and analytics to grow your business profitably and exponentially
The Influence Quadrant: A unique way to ethically influence your prospects and customers